Robert Mailer Anderson… as the noir detective

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When Mailer Anderson enters a room, he fills it with his larger-than-life presence: On a recent March afternoon, he arrived at our studio dressed as though he’d just stepped out of a page from Dashiell Hammett’s 1930 novel, The Maltese Falcon, completing the shadowy Sam Spade look with a noirish hat, suit, trench coat, in addition to the been-there, seen-it-all expression. (We provided the fog machine.) The acclaimed novelist, screenwriter, playwright and philanthropist, married to Nicola Miner since 1999, restored the former apartment of Hammett and his fictional alter ego, Spade, at 891 Post Street, to resemble what it would have been like to live — and write — there circa the 1920s. Mailer Anderson, who wrote his 2001 debut novel Boonville in a single-room-occupancy unit in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood, recently premiered Windows on the World, a drama he wrote and produced, at the Sedona International Film Festival. It stars Edward James Olmos as a father who leaves Mexico to find work in New York City, where he lands at the World Trade Center’s Windows on the World restaurant. Following the September 11 attacks, his son (portrayed by Ryan Guzman) journeys to Manhattan to find him.


Darcy Fray